Sunday, November 24, 2013

iphone 5, Android or ipad are a Substitute Teacher's BFF

     Black Friday is in a few days! If you don't have an Apple iPhone 5smart phone or tablet - run to your nearest electronic store to buy one or skip the lines to buy online. Let's be honest, how many times have you been baffled by a lesson plan item?  For example, a teacher leaves a math worksheet, but (yikes!) it's something printed off the internet with no Answer Key and you haven't worked with the concept in years. Here's where your  iphone, android or  tablet comes to the rescue! A quick google search on your phone before the first bell rings or during a break can ease your stress. The answer is at our fingertips, since we can't use the class computer (usual policy).  I recently had a "Hail Mary" save by my smart phone when I discovered sudoku worksheets in the students math lessons. You see, I'm a words person - reading and writing are my forte.  I'd rather do a crossword puzzle when it comes to relaxation -  Sudoku
 and other math games are not my first choice.  Since this was a "fun packet" - there was no key. Luckily, I had plenty of time to look up and get the hang of the concept before math period. Even luckier for me, it was a lower grade level, so a fairly easy worksheet for a beginner. Whew! Guess what? I'm a fan now and have added a sudoku book in my magical Mary Poppins sub bag - ready to run off for extra fillers!
      My fellow substitute teachers, applaud yourselves. For the most part, we epitomize the saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none".  Of course we all have our single subject strengths, but as subs we often are out of our comfort zone. Arrive early to thoroughly examine the day's lesson plans.  Remember, you may need to quickly research background information on a lesson.
      I'm baffled by some substitute teachers lackadaisical habit of arriving moments before school starts ... but that's not you, our readers are always the Savvy Sub!        

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