Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Increase Your Substitute Teaching Assignments

I ocassionaly run into fellow subs I use to see while working. They sing the same song, "I don't know why that school no longer calls me." Getting to the top tier of your district's subsitute teachers call list is just a few steps up a ladder if you follow my suggestions.

First rung: Simply conduct yourself in a professional manner like you would at the corporate level. Secondly - follow the absent teacher's lesson plans as close as possible. Finally, make an effort to click with the students. I go into expanded detail of this subject in my latest eHow article, "How to Become a Frequently Requested Substitute Teacher" :

After reading the eHow article, I'd like to hear your comments!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

National Substitute Teacher's Alliance Hosts 10th Annual Conference

I believe most of we substitute teachers are "isolated".  No, not loners as we do have do be extroverts
to do what we do best. I consider myself outgoing and friendly.    My meaning is we have no sense of community with our fellow substitute teachers:  no office parties or summer picnics or trade organizations like in many employee settings. Yes, I know my fellow subs and greet them in the hall or have friendly chats in the lunch
room - but that's the extent of our contact.

    Until now.

     I'm a veteran sub of many years experience yet I never knew there was a national group and better yet, an annual convention!  If you can schedule it, pack your bags
for the The 2010 National Substitute Teacher's Alliance Annual Conference,  May 20-22 in Las Vegas,

     To learn more about the National Substitute Teacher's Alliance (NSTA) and the convention, go to: I created this blog as a virtual substitute teacher network, but perhaps we can all meet in person one day at this convention!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Subsituting during the holidays: Make it Fun!

I enjoy substitute teaching during December at the elementary school level. The classrooms are festive and lesson plans deviate a bit from the norm. I enjoy getting my holiday themed jewelry
and sweaters out to wear to work.
Planning emergency activities is easier, too. We instinctively can whip up art lessons
plans themed around winter holiday (remember to use this politically correct term!) Keep a Holiday themed coloring/activity bookChristmas Surprise! (Deluxe Coloring Book) in your back that can quickly be photocopied for a time filler. Finally, have some holiday stickers or candy canes packed to use as reward incentives.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Twelve Days Of Christmas ala Substitute Teaching

As I ponder the Twelve Days of Christmas, I'm inclined to count my blessings in this rewarding profession . . .

  • 1. I learn something from students each classroom assignment.

  • 2. Substituting has turned me into a better negotiator in other aspects of my life.

  • 3. I can read "Cat in the Hat" with joy after 12,000 times!

  • 4. Hearing "yeah!" from the students when they discover I'm in for the day.

  • 5. Treasured friendships made with fellow staff members.

  • 6. Got to love those minimum days with full pay!

  • 7. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery": As a sub, I incorporate fabulous ideas

    from various teachers into my curriculum

  • 8. When so many currently layed off teachers are out of a job, it's amazing we "temps" are still getting the calls.

  • 9. My husband says I'm more organized around the home when working.

  • 10. I've learned to take the discipline challenged student and make them a special helper.

  • 11. Admittedly, I have been slow "going green". Seeing schools jump on the bandwagon has made me more aware and active in these efforts.

  • 12. I thank the stars
    for every hug and smile students have given
    me throughout the years.
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