Saturday, March 28, 2009

Looking for a job? Read On . . .

Did you, a family member or friend lose your job as a result of the recession? Then run, don't walk to your nearest school district office and get the ball rolling to be a substitute employee!

I hear some " . . . but I don't have a college degree." That's OK. If you meet other qualifications and a background check consider registering as a classified employee substitute . Teachers are certified. Classified positions may include secretaries, lunch room attendants, custodians, teacher's aides (para professionals), etc. and they get sick, too!

For those with a college degree: remember, it does not have to be in education to substitute. Your professional experience will enhance the lesson plans with expertise. A former banker could WOW a math lesson. Someone with construction management background could take science or shop class to a new level. I use my writing background to add some pizazz to language arts time.

So hurry! School districts are laying off certified and classified employees to meet budget cuts - get your name on the list ASAP or they may beat you to it!

For more tips on where to get started substituting, scroll down to the blog archive and click on "So you want to be a substitute teacher!"

Earn a paycheck while you look for something more permanent. Good Luck!

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  1. This info varies from state to state ... here in Oregon you have to have a teaching license (acquired through GRADUATE LEVEL work) to be a substitute teacher.


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