Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bribery Will Get You Everywhere!

I take a proactive approach to classroom management.
I'm a subsitute teacher, so that's critical! I want to take bad behavior out of the equation before the class personality takes a crazy life of its own, erupting in chaos.
After the morning routine (roll, lunch count, calendar, flag salute) I find out if the class is divided in groups - if they are not - I quickly make them up.

I tell them I will give tally marks to the groups who are working on task, respectful of one another's space, ready to transition to the next lesson, etc. Students in the top two groups at the end of the day will get a reward. With the smaller class, somehow I manage to make it a tie and the whole class earns a treat!

The result is a quieter and well behaved classroom. It is well worth the $2 or so I spend on my favorite incentive treat, the candy Smarties. I buy bags to keep on hand at the dollar store. They don't melt while stored in my "Mary Poppins Bag"
and most kids like them. The best part is I tell them I chose Smarties
because the class is so smart. Make sure all children can have them. If there is an allergy or diabetes issue with a student, have some stickers to choose from as an alternate reward.

I love it when a teacher has his/her own behavior (raffle tickets)
tickets as an incentive. I pass out those generously. When combined with the group competition, the day is definitely more enjoyable for me and them than it would have been without incentives.

As a guest teacher, it is a joy to be able to leave a note
that the class was well-behaved. It reflects positively back on us.

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