Monday, May 4, 2009

Savvy Sub and Swine Flu

UPDATE: The World Health Organization announced the Swine Flu or H1N1 Virus is a global pandemic - our first in 41 years. Also, this virus will prove resilient in summer months. Don't let your guard down while teaching summer school or in special programs! "How to be Proactive with Swine Flu":

Substitute teachers find ourselves bouncing from classroom to classroom with a new set of germs to greet us each assignment. We are more vulnerable than the "regular" teacher who is with the same set of kids and classroom daily. I am washing and sanitizing my hands so much they are drier than ever! Overreacting? No, I'm playing it safe.

As you check in the office for your daily assignment, ask if there are any precautionary measures you need to be aware of as far as procedures and protocols with swine or H1N1 flu. From the educator standpoint, it behooves you to keep abreast of the latest facts as even the youngest children are commenting on this issue. If it comes up in class discussion - you'll impress them with your knowledge gleaned from the best and most up to date source: Centers for Disease Control

Stay healthy!

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