Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Twelve Days Of Christmas ala Substitute Teaching

As I ponder the Twelve Days of Christmas, I'm inclined to count my blessings in this rewarding profession . . .

  • 1. I learn something from students each classroom assignment.

  • 2. Substituting has turned me into a better negotiator in other aspects of my life.

  • 3. I can read "Cat in the Hat" with joy after 12,000 times!

  • 4. Hearing "yeah!" from the students when they discover I'm in for the day.

  • 5. Treasured friendships made with fellow staff members.

  • 6. Got to love those minimum days with full pay!

  • 7. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery": As a sub, I incorporate fabulous ideas

    from various teachers into my curriculum

  • 8. When so many currently layed off teachers are out of a job, it's amazing we "temps" are still getting the calls.

  • 9. My husband says I'm more organized around the home when working.

  • 10. I've learned to take the discipline challenged student and make them a special helper.

  • 11. Admittedly, I have been slow "going green". Seeing schools jump on the bandwagon has made me more aware and active in these efforts.

  • 12. I thank the stars
    for every hug and smile students have given
    me throughout the years.

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  1. I posted a similar list on my blog - sometimes it's good to remember all the positives about substitute work as you go through the tough days. I would add "no lesson planning" and "no staff meetings" to the list!


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