Sunday, December 20, 2009

National Substitute Teacher's Alliance Hosts 10th Annual Conference

I believe most of we substitute teachers are "isolated".  No, not loners as we do have do be extroverts
to do what we do best. I consider myself outgoing and friendly.    My meaning is we have no sense of community with our fellow substitute teachers:  no office parties or summer picnics or trade organizations like in many employee settings. Yes, I know my fellow subs and greet them in the hall or have friendly chats in the lunch
room - but that's the extent of our contact.

    Until now.

     I'm a veteran sub of many years experience yet I never knew there was a national group and better yet, an annual convention!  If you can schedule it, pack your bags
for the The 2010 National Substitute Teacher's Alliance Annual Conference,  May 20-22 in Las Vegas,

     To learn more about the National Substitute Teacher's Alliance (NSTA) and the convention, go to: I created this blog as a virtual substitute teacher network, but perhaps we can all meet in person one day at this convention!


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  1. Years ago I substituted. A different grade mostly every day. And yes, it's almost a requirement to be extroverted. How else to grab their attention and keep it? I didn't know there was a convention--interesting!


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