Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to School Tips for the Savvy Substitute Teacher

Time to wake up from sleeping in and summer fun! Be ready to start your rewarding new year of substitute teaching with these handy tips.

Is your emergency credential current? It if is expired or expiring soon, take the few minutes to renew it online. If you teach with an expired credential, your paycheck will likely be withheld until renewal process is completed.

TB tests should be up to date. Check with your district's human resource office to find out the status.

Go through your clothes closet and separate outfits appropriate for teaching. This will save time when those last minute phone calls occur.

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  1. Good idea about having outfits planned. I'm usually up and ready to go, but sometimes a sub call comes in ASAP (think zero hour). Might I add the advantage of having lunch ready to go to?


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